Thelma Prescott, 96, "Pioneer of the Selfie", dies.

by Grant Lancaster


Thelma Prescott, born in 1918, respected quilter, mother, and selfie pioneer, died yesterday at home in her apartment in New York City. She was super old.

Celebrated for her tasteful, yet scintillating "selfies", Prescott was 57-years-old when she snapped her very first photo of herself, without anyone's assistance.

Thelma Prescott, 57, in her scandalous first selfie.

Thelma Prescott, 57, in her scandalous first selfie.

“I was just feeling really sexy in my 12-layer dress, and wanted to preserve the moment for my own sake.” recalls Thelma in an old interview with the New York Times. “As soon as I got the photo, I posted it to my wall. I used an entire roll of tape.”

What did people say when they walked in her house and saw the photo? 

"Who cares what they thought!" said Thelma in her interview just one year ago, "My butt looked like an olympic ski slope and I felt like a bad, bad bitch, #longhairdontcare.”

Prescott sky-rocketed to overnight fame when her selfie and the "ass that just don't quit", made the front cover of LIFE Magazine in 1957.

Thelma on the front cover of LIFE Magazine, April 15th, 1957.

Thelma on the front cover of LIFE Magazine, April 15th, 1957.

“We have truly lost an icon of our generation” said Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, Inc. and owner of Instagram. “I have no doubt college girls and personal trainers around the country will be crying themselves to sleep tonight. God knows I will.”

She was found Tuesday morning by Jeff Thompson (38), one of the three boy-toy "roommates" she was currently living with in her West Village apartment. “I walked in the bathroom and there she was, in front of the mirror, face down. I screamed and tweeted 911 immediately.”

The unfortunate word of her death spread quickly on Twitter shortly thereafter. A few hours after that, someone actually picked up a phone and dialed 911.

To many of her fans relief, her Instagram feed, @ThelmasGotBootyThough, will be carried on by her only successor, her granddaughter, Bethel Prescott (20).

Bethel Prescott in her selfie debut. 

Bethel Prescott in her selfie debut. 

The Metropolitan Museum and the Tate Modern in London are currently in negotiations for who will obtain ownership of the original photo to post on their wall.