If You Haven't Already Seen It... Here's The Alternate Ending To Last Week's Game Of Thrones Episode (SPOILER ALERT)

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this post are solely those of a Mr. Brooks Russell. He has been reeling since Rob Stark exited. I however am a glutton for abuse. With that said, enjoy the read. - CSR

This has been around all day and I'm sure most of you caught it already, but can we all say "yes please"? I would've taken this ending, or even anything close instead of the nightmare that we were exposed to.

I've said before that I don't really know why I like this show because they kill everyone you like and nobody you don't, but I think that this season thus far has actually just made me think George R.R. Martin really is a sociopathic monster. Like yeah, people make that joke all the time about him being a serial killer and using his fan's tears instead of milk for his cereal, and up until now it's been all fun and games, but after this year? We've got brothers and sisters banging on top of their dead incest-son's body.

We've got people getting face-fucked by spears.

We've got teenage girls going sexy goth mode for their creepy savior/kidnapper.

And now this. The best character to join the show gets his head literally smashed to pieces as the gigantic killing machine doing the smashing declares that he raped and killed his current victims sister and her children.

Sweet dude.

With all sincerity, fuck off, George R.R. At this point, I'm honestly starting to get over this shit. It's too much, man. It's almost so shocking that it's no longer shocking. I mean obviously I was rooting with all my being for Oberyn to win and save Tyrion, but anyone who watches the show (or obviously read the books) knew full well that it was going to end in misery. Especially when it started out so positively. I almost walked out of the room when Oberyn was just dominating cus I KNEW that shit was going south very very soon. Low and behold, I got to witness the most jarring thing that I remember seeing in a long time. And to be honest, it wasn't even like one of those realistic things he does with his writing. It was SOOO over the top. The Red Wedding sucked but I could fathom what happened. War is cruel, Robb was a bit arrogant, shit went bad. Got it. But this shit? Screaming about the dudes family as you crush his face? Seems a bit much for me, but maybe I'd just be a more compassionate killer if I were the Mountain.

At the end of the day, we all know I'm not gonna stop watching. I'm this show's little late night booty call. It can treat my like dogshit and drag me through hell, giving me very little satisfaction at any point, but I'll still come running back for me as soon as I get the call. But I just want everyone to be aware that we really may be watching the sadistic manifesto of a sociopath, and the story may very well just deteriorate in to a nonsensical, incestual murder-orgy with ice zombies and dragons.

Oh and you're fat.

P.S. Is it a rule that if you're going to be a fantasy writer douche bag that you have to have initials in your name. George R.R., J.R.R., J.K.,... Just fucking type your name out or use a first and last name like a normal person you pretentious ass. Nobody calls you J.R.R. or J.K., nobody. And if they do, well they're assholes, too.