New Friday Blog Feature! - Gentlemen's Parley Podcast

Been lookin for a consistent Friday feature for the blog and, conveniently, fellow Shorts Show vet Dave Hanson and myself have been working on a little podcast as of late, entitled "A Gentlemen's Parley," so look for new episodes of this coming out at the end of each week. It's a very serious (read: not at all) weekly discussion between two experts (read: normal dumb guys) about the latest topics of the gentlemanly world, be it sports, movies, food, wine, video games, serial killers of yore, foreign travel, dogs, etc. etc. So pop it on to make your mundane existence a little less mundane for an hour! Also, if you have topics you want us to discuss, stupid things you want us to say, or mean shit to just spew in our general direction, you can email the show at

This is our 4th recorded episode above, and episode 3 and 2 are here below (episode 1 had some recording issues):