True Crime... Wednesday: Lady Tells Police It's Fine She Had Counterfeit Bills Cus Obama Made lt Legal

When Pamela Downs was arrested for allegedly trying to pass counterfeit money, she supposedly gave the cops what she thought was a reasonable explanation: Obama made it legal. Downs, 45, was arrested after an incident Sunday night when she allegedly gave a gas station employee in Kingsport, Tennessee, a suspicious-looking $5 bill.

The arresting officer noted that the curious currency appeared to have been printed on a home printer with two sides glued together, according to According to police, Downs said she had received the counterfeit cash from a gas station but never inspected it. After she consented to a search of her purse, the officer said he found a fake $100 bill printed in black and white. The back of the bill was upside down, according to the Kingsport Times-News.

The police allegedly found receipts from Walmart for a printer and copy paper. At that point, Downs was arrested and charged with counterfeiting, according to the paper. Officers said when Downs was at the jail, she said that she had read online about a law that allowed people on fixed incomes to print their own money.

“I don’t give a ****, all these other b****** get to print money, so I can too,” she allegedly told police, according to CBS Washington. Downs was apparently referring to a 2009 article entitled "Obama Wants Citizens to Print Their Own Money" from The Skunk, a news parody website that provides "Tasteless American Satire For The Ill-Informed." Officers who searched Downs' home said they found counterfeit bills totaling between $30,000 to $50,000. Downs is being held at the Sullivan County Jail, with a court date on Thursday.

Obama. What else can you say at this point? Every time you think he can't possibly keep sinking lower he turns around and does something like this. Tricking innocent, probably obese, women in to thinking it's totally cool to print your own money. How low can you sink, bro?

I mean, sure, you could argue that she shouldn't see things written on a parody website as an actual source of reliable news, but still I feel like whenever Obama's name's involved it's just always something negative. You never hear his name in association with something awesome and positive, like the Nobel prize or marriage equality*, no sir. When you hear Obama it's economic downfall, possible terrorist, God face-spitter, and now an accomplice in a counterfeiting scheme. Obama. Bout time we get somebody in there who knows how to treat the people. I'm not saying the Donald, but I'm not not saying it either*.

* Oh, he did both those things? Oh. Well, fuck him anyway. Fuckin Obama.

** In all honesty, how excited are you to see Donald in the debates? It's going to be gold left and right. I don't care how insufferable he is, he's not gonna be in this thing for very long so take advantage of the quality entertainment he's throwing our way while you can. A person with that much lack of self-awareness is a rare sight.